Ken Cooper
May 2, 2021

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Several times preachers get asked to do different different themes or different songs specific songs and things like that. That’s what I want us to do this morning is to take a few moments. I have all kinds of folders that shouldn’t have but there’s some was talking about how we should behave with our Brethren and the burdens that we should share. Those things are always a part of our worship and should be at least and then of course there’s things that we’ve talked about in Courage went from one brother to another brother in Christ and all of those are very helpful and and encouraging as they are at were intended.

Have to flip through a lot of these things to me.

You know, I will have to The Sermon on the Mount we’ve taught on that talk various aspects of it and taught the whole thing as a part of Evangelistic efforts often times. For instance The Sermon on the Mount is I don’t read a few of these we’re talks about the poor and Stewart.

Those who mourn those who are Meek those who hunger and thirst after righteousness the merciful the pure at heart the peacemakers those who are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake those are all familiar themes that we went very well spending opportunity of our time.

To look at address some of those things and appreciate all that has been done for us and for them.

I appreciated the last time I preach them here. I believe it was probably close to a month and maybe more talking about the resurrection of Christ and how that that ought to fit into our lives as well as The Sermon on the Mount as we learn to appreciate those things and we talked about various aspects of

The Sermon on the Mount and more specifically the resurrection then the theme of The Bible very different than what some will preach today

Turn with me turn with me if you will, too.

In judges chapters 4 and 5 where it is to number of different things which you remember the children of Israel wandering in the wilderness for 40 years. We see that the problems begin to arise horse. It was always complaining God’s people should not do that. But the Jews were constantly complaining about various things. One of the things here in judges 4 & 5

is the time when ribbon get an Azure, it’s not right.

What do you say Ruben was on the among those that were trying to get others to appreciate God. They thought they were Manasseh was another one, but they wanted before they went into the promised land totally the they were careful about everything they wanted.

They’re the part of Galilee involved in the land base that they had. Of course. They did just that they were granted permission to you know, as long as you go in the promised land and come back and help your brethren with their with the troubles that they will face his conquering type of nation.

Just a number of different things.

Just flip to the battle on just didn’t have the area section why you didn’t two different subject entirely and just turn to Jeremiah your mind. Remember? He was the one who whose wife died.

And he was told to accept that in the next day. It happened. He died or the she died and then

they had to get on to them about keeping their promise to help the Rhythm.

Take over the area gotten on this Galilee that it’s just below the Sea of Galilee in the in the wilderness Mountain Wilderness, but after they had come out of the wilderness.

And then it sea Ezekiel chapter 18. Nothing someone read that passage before the word of the Lord came to him. That is zekiel now.

And he has been warned about doctrines that they had and we did not seem to be willing to give those things up.

But it says it said the word of the Lord came to me.

What do you mean by?

Opening this proverb concerning the land of Israel. The father’s have eaten sour grapes and the children’s teeth are set on edge as I live declares the Lord the Lord God this proverb shall no more be used by even Israel behold. All Souls are mine. He so loved them. Excuse me, the soul of the spirit of the father as well as the soul of the son is

mine the so sins it shall die turn over this to several verses to toward the end of chapter 18.

That’s it.

Thought I had it marked.

Basically, it says the same thing just in reverse the father shall not bear the iniquity of the son the son shall not bear the iniquity of the father since it’s a pretty self-explanatory. Nothing real scientific about it just but God has certain plans for his people and that involves their obedience to him no matter where they are what they are what they’re doing we see them.

Participating in a number of different songs like going through those things.


there’s all kinds of passages that talk about the resurrection is dozens. Literally as you’re going through the New Testament and read their about the resurrection of Christ and all the things that are associated with that. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved and a lot of these things are my

Sermon, I guess I’ve appreciate here number of years ago like 2004-2005 something like that.


my summer on a th is, you know, it’s continuing action is what the idea is that we’re gonna worketh in you both to Will and to do of his good pleasure and verse 13. This is Philippians 2:13 says into

So be that he find it verily I say to you that he that rejoices more than sheep.

Then that night in time which went astray. I went not astray this passage after passage talking about.

What others were to do?

And what they were to do.

The only difference was they lived under a different law then we live and today but that doesn’t mean that we’re it’s completely foreign to us at all that we should be familiar with that because that’s going to help us understand. I don’t see how anybody can understand the Book of Revelation of the book of Hebrews if they don’t have a decent knowledge of the Old Testament. There’s a forest

The work is concerned.

we sing a song every now and then that the whole lights be burning I used that as an invitation, so

several years ago

and you remember some of the words is taken from Luke chapter 12 verse 35. It says all the dark and stormy night when the waves rolled.

black mountains

near the shore Cleveland Shore Cleveland is right on the coast of Lake Erie.

and this is where he were a reporter of

no, great significance, but he found he saw something that night with the

those ways rolling like mountains all of those things and talks about the the ship was coming closer into Harbor.

The great length there that is taken is all is a part of the Our Song books. And we and we sing those sing a song like this and see if I can pick up where I left off and says are you sure this is Cleveland? Yes, it’s the crew asking.

Is this Cleavon? If it’s Cleveland, it’s a hard row to hoe. Be coming into the port of Clavin and there’s actually there’s an artificial.


they said position there and ships can come in there and go at their will but of course when you don’t do God’s will.

Not always good things happen. And so it was here. One of the crew members are talking about that’s has said are you sure this is Cleveland asked the captain?

Seeing only the lights that are on the lighthouse.

Where are the lights Lower Lights said when asked where are they indeed there on the Lower Lights?

the Lower Lights that those torches would be burning with fire and guiding 46 Sailors into into their that

they made several pleas But ultimately the ship crashed into the Jetties wall and

He was it Heaven or Hell?

Philip Bliss

it was a companion of another fellow and they were strong in their understanding and because they knew that there was a slim chance of surviving the sinking of a ship there in the Cleveland Harbor.

And so with a strong hand and a brave heart the old pilot turned the wheel and the last in the darkness. He missed the channel and the and with a crash of on the rocks.

The boat was shivered.

We don’t know what she ever does or what it is, but

they missed the harbor and several people were killed at at that point this companion of bliss.

Saw this all of this thing transpired because they were laying behind some of the places were the Jetties would come out.

And he got to thinking about that. Listen, that’s material for Simon and it’s exactly what he did. He wrote the song and the somewhere I have the

The Lower Lights and what he what one man was doing was trying to get these ships into the harbor.

but that did not

occurred because it was too late with the words from the you know, let the noelites be burning is the title of the song that we sang. In fact a lot of times the songs that we sing Our started through some tragedy sometimes wore all kinds of things and

we have to be careful about those things.

I don’t read it. This is just a part portion of this system with the strong hand and a brave heart the old pilot turn the wheel but alas it was in the darkness that he missed the channel.

and Loud was the crash on the rocks and

It was beaten up.

No more to be used but the companies that orchestrated these different.

The words of different songs. Well, the song says brightly being to our father’s Mercy from

so many ways that you can express that Wars one. I mentioned already see if I can find that real quick.


it’s not we’re supposed to be you had that set things right in your house your office, whatever and things that are Miss.

Because of somebody miss miss laying them out of order which often happens until you lose your wife and they don’t have anybody to blame now except for myself what one man, I think it is.

different signs of how to get to Heaven from Texas

actually, that’s the same thing that has to be done by people from Ohio, Florida Main wherever you find members of the Lord’s Church, there’d be doing their their will and I think it’s Billy Moore that it wrote an article here in number of years ago, and I’m sure that he has passed away since then as he talks about what God says and

so far as what God says to exchange for all these different things that people were admonishing and things like that. God says that the road is some of the roads don’t go anywhere. They’re dead dead end no Outlet those kinds of things and the other one God says to us that we need to turn around.

And do what God says don’t just make up make up your mind your own mind about what to do and what to say but the scriptures are are not that technical that not easy to that. They are easy. God says that they need to turn around got also says status says that there’s only one way not many ways, but one way

All kinds of things that come out in a song what we’re talking about is these Psalms they have bigger meaning than just a few words. We need to learn about what is

what is the the word of words that go along with some of the deceptive types of things and you know somewhere from conflicts with other nations, sometimes it was just a single nation is put up a lot of resistance.

adore lights

fatal crash that caused numbers of people to be killed or lost their lives and

They should be easily recognized. But the problem was a young man had been assigned the position of keeping the Lower Lights burning.

And when those things started to fail there was just one ones after another that they did certainly something something some sellers ought to be a spiritual song.

There’s a man by the name of a w Dicus.

Some of you may be familiar with him.

And it was just singing the song that he made he was a mathematician as well as nuclear science.


he became the hit the words to Our God He Is Alive became a classic even today.

Yeah, that’s people are still rejoicing and exhorting one another and others by the songs that they sing the words that they say there is beyond the Azure blue.

God and she’ll from heavenly side.

There is beyond the Asia blue.

God concealed

And appealed to the heart of men he tended to Skies with a Heavenly Hue and framed the world with his written are not ours.

Is there’s there was a long long time. This was a long time ago.

God whose voice of the prophets heard and it was still listed prophets and some of the significant things they prophesied that were fulfilled in one of the things that aw dacus was very significant in opposition to some of the the

process that people were going through and

so there was a I don’t remember now the denomination one man was he

it was very extended Skies with him the Hue and framed the world’s with his great mind and we was talking about Moses.

And other Old Testament prophets and the writer to the song of course wrote the poem then he wrote the words and set them to music.


he did a splendid job. Not only recognizing the song itself and the words. That’s all.

He turned many men to Christ.

Back then when he was in his younger years. Maybe we should say Prime is that

there was a

things that the

so he is alive was put to music because of his mathematical background and foreground.

And so what sentences say that it’s a difficult song the same not really when you get to know him knowing all of the things and

various things are picked up and saw that we might Overlook. Otherwise overlooked.

I’ll go over. It was a professor at Vanderbilt University in Knoxville, Tennessee.

and was training nuclear scientist from that position and

he got them to making weekly appointments.

And the problems that they were that they were undergoing was belittling until they got the understanding more and more about all of these things. He was also he dedicated his life to the sale that was utilized at this time about

God is dead.

He says God is not dead and he spent much of his life after he quit the University of Vanderbilt this all.

all kinds of things that he did he was a nuclear scientist or are these he was teaching those who became nuclear scientist and


we can go past that talk about the laws that have been changed the Old Testament law and the New Testament are different. You know that just as well as I did.

Let’s wrap this up.

There are literally dozens of passages of scripture that

show us hardships.

Philip Bliss was in just in terrible poverty.

at the age of eight he stood outside of a bit of building somewhere in North Eastern, Ohio and Ohio, West Virginia and

That said his heart and emotion of applying God’s word to songs and how that they were all correct that the more that they saw more correctly were.

So that’s all I’ve got for this morning.

If you’re not a Christian want you to become or do nothing last nothing else than What God Says?

Nah, don’t allow me to suede or anyone else other man. Do what God says do.

And that kind of is going to be much different than what many refer to as the Plan of Salvation. They were just a little they want to do their part and in all things and so it’s an opportunity that we have to obey the gospel. We want to provide anyone whose subject to the invitation just come forward now and let those things known as Together We Sing the song