Andrew Isbell
January 31, 2021

God should be the foundation of Christian relationships. Upon that foundation we should encourage one another to practice love and good works. The only way to do this is to be together. We cannot make it on our own; we have to protect and provide for each other. The world will not support us. When we have God and each other, in truth, we are never alone.

Many Parts, One Body

Andy Isbell
August 30, 2020

The body of Christ is not made of one member, but many members each performing their own purpose. Each member should respect the purpose of all members. However, we should each try to exercise ourselves in many areas. Different members can be trained to perform multiple functions. We all have a work to do.

The State of the Union

Glenn Isbell
April 26, 2020

During these troubled times the church is being stressed. Weaknesses are being revealed where everything once appeared to be well. God’s people are struggling spiritually, but there is a cure. The church can be cured if she will turn to Jesus.

Responsibilities of Members

Jacob Jackson
April 19, 2020

The Bible teaches that Christians should be members of a local church. Christians commit to contribute to a group of local Christians. Being committed to a local group keeps Christians from falling away. Being a member of a local church provides opportunities to serve God and others.